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2335 Robinson Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904

Our Track Record

Kidpower of Colorado has trained thousands of young people and their adults in partnership with hundreds of schools and agencies in Colorado.  Our students report feeling much more confident and prepared after participation in a workshop. We have many reports of students who have used Kidpower skills to keep themselves physically and emotionally safe. Kidpower is an evidence-based program.  We are always happy to provide references from graduate families and school and agency administrators.

We have collected many profound success stories over the years. Here is an example:

Kids_Line_NOOn the way home from an evening school program, a young girl disclosed to her mom that she and her sister had been abused by a neighbor who was also a friend. Their parents believe that without the Kidpower workshop, the abuse would have continued and that their daughters would not have known how to tell their parents about what happened to them. They also told us that they knew how to effectively listen to the disclosure because of what they learned in Kidpower.  The offender is now in prison and unable to harm others.


From the mom: “It was Kidpower that gave our daughters the voice, the words and the courage to express what occurred at the neighbor’s house. Kidpower was the key to all of this happening.  The tools provided to our girls were invaluable then and they will be invaluable to them in the future. ”



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