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What do kids learn?

  • To recognize and avoid potential danger
  • To set boundaries with confidence and awareness
  • To be safe with strangers and people they know
  • To deal with bullies and peer pressure
  • To act responsibly while respecting others
  • To protect themselves from words that hurt
  • To use their voices and their bodies to stay safe
  • To be safe with technology
  • To defend against emotional pressure, intimidation and bribery
  • To be persistent in getting help

Most Kidpower class photographs generously donated by Anslee Wolfe Photography

Virtual Online Workshops

These classes are for kids, 1st through 5th grades, AND their parents/adults. Students will practice the …

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Weekend Family Workshops

The Weekend Family Workshop for kids ages 7-12 is the most comprehensive (and fun!) program Kidpower …

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Starting Strong Workshop

Starting Strong Workshops are an introduction to People Safety Skills for young children ages 4-6. Storytelling, …

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Women’s Teenpower

This one-day workshop for teenagers provides a safe and supportive environment for participants to learn and …

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Students with Special Needs

This program is designed to reduce bullying, exploitation and abuse against students with special needs. People …

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Customized Private Classes

Agencies serving young people with significant life challenges may choose to set up a customized class …

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School/Agency Workshops

School workshops provide training for students and their caregivers including parents and school staff. The Kidpower …

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School Professionals Training

This training guides professionals in bringing Kidpower concepts to the school setting, preschool through high school. …

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