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The Frank Hopkins Scholarship Fund

The Frank Hopkins Scholarship Fund was established by Frank’s son, Steve, in 2009. The purpose of the fund is to underwrite training for children who otherwise would not be able to take Kidpower classes due to financial hardship. Kidpower is able to award one to three scholarships annually to our Community Workshops from the proceeds of this generous, invested gift.

Frank Hopkins, Italy 1943

Frank Hopkins, Italy 1943

Remembering Frank
by Steve Hopkins

After my father passed away, I wanted to do something special to honor his memory.  He was a wonderful man, very caring and very giving, as unselfish and humble as they come.  In his 93 years, he never put himself first, and always made it his priority to help and take care of others.

His values were instilled in him by his parents, Irish immigrants who came to the USA in the early 1900’s.  Those values were both reinforced and exhibited throughout Frank’s WWII service in Africa, Italy, France and Germany.  A high school graduate working as a mailman when he entered the Army, he became a surgical technician, treating wounded GI’s in a field hospital that was always located very close to the front lines.  There’s no way to estimate the number of lives he helped save.

After the war, Frank went back to carrying the mail, got married and raised a family.  Growing up, I know I didn’t come anywhere near appreciating the great example he set for me and my siblings, but I like to think we inherited the same values he cherished.

Kidpower has always been very special to me, and I can think of no better way to honor my father than by having a scholarship established in his name.  Kidpower does a fantastic job for the kids it serves, and it accomplishes its mission unselfishly, and without fanfare.  That’s how Frank lived his life, and that’s why I want to remember him through Kidpower.


Frank in a happier time