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Darcell Palmer Integrity on Behalf of Children Award

In 2014 the Darcell Palmer Integrity on Behalf of Children Award was created in memory of Darcell Palmer. Darcell was on the Kidpower board of directors for ten years and provided valued insight and wisdom to the organization. As principal of Monroe Elementary School, Darcell ensured that all of her students and staff were trained by Kidpower because of her passionate commitment to children’s safety. She also enrolled her grandchildren in classes, bringing some in from distant cities. This award is presented to members of our community that have shown the same dedication and integrity for the protection of children as Darcell.


Award Recipients

2023 - Vennita Browning

Program Director, Peak Education

2021 - Shawn Hayes, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Colorado Springs School District 11, Trailblazer Elementary
Therapist and Consultant, Private Practice

2018 - Jeri DiGeorge

Job Coach Falcon District 49’s Transition Program

2016 - Sara Kennedy

Director, Colorado Hands & Voices

2014 - Liz Haltiwanger

KKTV News Director

2022 - Debra Campeau

Kidpower of Colorado, Co-founder
Managing Attorney of the Office of the Guardian Ad Litem in El Paso County - Retired

2019 - Rita Wiley

Licensed Professional Counselor, National Trainer/Consultant for the Nurturing Parenting Programs and retired Ft. Carson Army Community Service New Parent Support lead parent educator.

2017 - Stacy Frost

Supervisor, Chafee Foster Care Independence Program for El Paso County.

2015 - Amanda Terrell-Orr

Program Administrator, CSPD

2014 - Russ Vogel

Former Principal, Manitou Springs Elementary School