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RJR Fund for Kidpower

The RJR Fund for Kidpower

The Rosalie, Joseph and River (RJR) Fund for Kidpower was established in 2013 to provide scholarships for children and families who cannot afford to pay for Kidpower programs. This fund supports Kidpower’s important commitment to never turn away a child or family due to financial hardship.

rjr-group-photoThe RJR Fund for Kidpower is named in honor of Rosalie (the stillborn daughter of Vicky Gregor and Connie Brachtenbach), Joseph (the stillborn son of Mike and Alison Gerbig) and River (the stillborn child of Cami Benge and Gloria Kulzer). These families have great hope that this fund will provide a conduit for “their little angels to be here for the children that Kidpower serves.” They are deeply committed to ensuring that the RJR fund will live into perpetuity honoring the memory of their children, Rosalie, Joseph, and River, while creating opportunities for children and their families to experience Kidpower’s mission in action.

If you would like to make a designated donation to the RJR Fund click here.

2018-2019 RJR Fund Donors

Justin Armour
Connie Brachtenbach and Victoria Gregor
Shelley and Ronald Davidson
Karen Donvito
Jean and Merlyn Forsyth
Che Freeman
Alison and Mike Gerbig
Jennifer, Ken and Talon Harlan
Wendy and Roger Haywood
Melissa Parkowski-Helmer and Todd Helmer
Sarah Point and Brad Laybourne
Korl and Roger Magallanez
Linda Peiffer Moyes
Chris Park
Neil Shorthouse
Laura Steinbach
Edith Sucher
Karyl and David Vasquez
Gloria Vice
Linda Wagner
Lynn Young