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2335 Robinson Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904

Mission, Vision & Values



To teach young people personal safety and confidence-building skills to reduce their risk of abduction, assault and emotional, physical and sexual abuse.


To work together to create cultures of caring, respect, and safety for everyone, everywhere.


We will do our best to be:

Honest. Kidpower is committed to creating an honest community where people can and will speak up clearly and respectfully.

Ethical. We have a deep commitment to ethical practices in all we do to operate with integrity.

Evolving. We will continually look for ways to improve our work and our organization at all levels and are open to new ideas.

Fair. We will do our best to have clear agreements and standards and to uphold them. We are committed to applying them equally and fairly to people at all levels of involvement with our organization.

Supportive. We are a supportive community in which people are encouraged to take good care of their well-being.

Productive. We will be effective and efficient in how we use our own time and the time of others.

Safe. We will do our best to ensure the physical and emotional safety of people at all levels of our organization.

Collaborative. We will work as a team with each other, with our supporters, and with our students to provide the best services possible to the most people possible.

Solution-focused. We will anticipate and plan for new challenges, identifying and addressing problems as soon as possible.

Courageous. We will uphold our values and work towards our goals even when it might result in discomfort.

Appreciate. We strive to acknowledge and honor our community’s contributions.

Positive. Our communications and interactions with others will be constructive, hopeful, respectful and kind.

Inclusive. We recognize, respect, and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.  Kidpower of Colorado does not discriminate on the basis of age; culture; religion; racial, ethnic, tribal or national origin; color; sex or gender, gender expression, self-identity, sexual orientation; disability; marital status; political belief; income; citizenship or immigration status; or military status in any of its activities or operations environment.  We welcome people who share our commitment to integrity and safety and who can join us in upholding our values.

Skills for Lifelong Safety and Confidence

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