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Kidpower Safety Comic (Color) Ages 3-10

Even if your kids are not big yet, they have big powers. Mouth Closed Power. Stop Power. Walk Away Power. …

Price: $15.99

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Doing Right by Our Kids

“Doing Right by Our Kids is a field guide for practicing courage. It will arm you with the knowledge and skills …

Price: $19.95

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Kidpower Book for Caring Adults

This comprehensive guide prepares parents, educators, and other caring adults to protect children and teens from bullying, violence, and abuse …

Price: $29.95

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Protect kids from bullying and empower them with skills! Learn how to use Kidpower practices to create cultures of caring, …

Price: $14.95

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Kidpower Safety Comic Ages 9-14

How can older kids stay safe while becoming more independent? This fun and engaging way to teach safety gives readers …

Price: $11.40

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Kidpower Safety Comic Ages 3-10 (Spanish)

Libro de comicas, caricaturas en blanco y negro, y explicaciones para adultos que introducen Habilidades de Seguridad con niños de …

Price: $14.00

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Kidpower Safety Comic Ages 9-13 (Spanish)

Libro de comicas en blanco y negro, y explicaciones Para adultos Para introducir Habilidades de Seguridad Para niños de edad …

Price: $12.00

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Fullpower Safety Comic

Teens and adults can prevent and stop most bullying, violence, and abuse. With personal safety skills and specific strategies, readers …

Price: $9.39

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Relationship Safety

This 250-page handbook is designed to be used by victims and potential victims of relationship violence, as well as the …

Price: $30.00

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Earliest Teachable Moment: Personal Safety for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

When it comes to safety, the earliest teachable moment is the best teachable moment if this is done in a …

Price: $14.95

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