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School/Agency Workshops

For more information or to schedule, contact Angela: programs@kidpowerCS.org, 719-357-7488

For the past 27 years, Kidpower has provided services to most school districts and many agencies in our community. During the pandemic, we quickly switched to virtual workshops and have gotten very positive feedback from school personnel, parents and kids!

Our school programs, virtual or in-person, can be arranged by principals, mental health staff, PTO representatives or interested parents. Agency programs are organized by agency personnel.

As each school and agency differs, Kidpower is happy to customize programs to the specific needs of your group. Please call our office to discuss your school or agency’s particular situation and we can propose various lengths and formats to fit your needs. Kidpower also holds programs during the day and can be projected into classrooms. We are happy to discuss fees and scholarships for workshops by phone or email.

Kidpower workshops are currently scheduled for these schools/agencies. 

Academy International Elementary School – January/February 2022
Children’s Hospital Deaf and Hard of Hearing – October/November 2021
D49 Elevates Program – November 2021
Graland Country Day School – November/December 2021
Manitou Springs Elementary School – September 2021
New Summit Charter Academy – April 2022
Pikes Peak Elementary School – February 2022
Pinello Elementary School – November 2021
Ralph Moody Elementary School – January/February 2022
Ute Pass Elementary School – October 2021

Vanguard Elementary School – September/October 2021

If your school/agency is listed please contact them regarding enrollment. 

If you do not see your school or agency but would like information about scheduling, contact Angela at program@kidpowercs.org or call 719-357-7488