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More Success Stories…

My ten-year-old daughter Lily is kind. She’s also shy, wants to please, and is a follower. We enrolled her in the Kidpower Weekend Family Workshop because we wanted her to know she was allowed to stand up for herself, to say no, and to know how to navigate tough situations. She had great time and said it was one of the best weekends of her life. She also said “I feel a lot stronger and more confident now”.

Lily put her Kidpower skills to the test recently. She was invited for a sleepover at a classmate’s house. Several years prior, this classmate had been terrible friend to Lily. The friend had alternated between being manipulating, bullying, and loving and affectionate. We left the choice to attend the sleepover up to Lily, and she wanted to go.

Unprompted she said, “I am so glad I took Kidpower. I now know what to do!” We made an emergency plan together to help her if she was feeling uncomfortable, and she packed her Kidpower t-shirt to bring with her. Lily had a good time at the sleepover. It’s clear to us that Kidpower gave Lily the skills and confidence to feel more in control, more self-assured, and more certain of how to react to difficult situations. Lily’s gained confidence makes me worry less about her.

“The kids at TESSA have expressed feeling more empowered and knowledgeable about how to respond to scary situations. We had a client success story just a few weeks ago.  A 9-year-old girl that attended Kidpower was sexually attacked by her older teen brother during the night and she used the Kidpower language she learned, shouting loudly at her brother and then ran into her parent’s bedroom to let them know what happened. This little girl let our staff know that she was glad she had taken the class because she knew exactly what she needed to do!” – Coordinator of a Kidpower program at TESSA, our local domestic violence prevention center

“Our son has some physical disabilities and was bullied at school because of his differences. We were referred to your class by the school counselor. Your class helped him develop confidence and have effective strategies to deal with kids bothering him. His teachers tell us that they see a dramatic difference in the way he looks and acts at school. The bullying has stopped.” – Father of a Kidpower graduate

An 8-year-old Woodland Park boy was approached by a stranger in a car while outside in his neighborhood. According to police, the man opened his passenger door and told the boy to get in. The boy yelled no and ran to a neighbor’s house for help. The boy’s mom reported to KKTV 11 News that her son took a Kidpower class and that is why he knew what to do.

“Kidpower effects last. A few months after our Kidpower class, Ryan shared a dream he had with me. He was dreaming of a similar situation to the time that he was molested. He told me that in the dream he called out for help but no one came but he used his Kidpower skills to defend himself and got away safely. I was so touched by his story! I encouraged him on his strength and skills of safety. He left for school that day with a big smile! We have grateful hearts.”-  Mom of a Weekend Family Workshop graduate