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COVID-19 Updates


COVID-19 and the disruption it causes in our lives can feel overwhelming for both adults and children.

Just as taking care of our physical well-being is essential, so is taking care of our emotional safety.

Our hope is that the tips in this article may help: Kidpower Emotional Safety Tips for Families during the Pandemic



Many parents are juggling being home with kids, supervising their online school  and teleworking full-time for the first time. It’s hard!

 A day of zoom meetings on top of the other demands presents its own kind of exhaustion. This article sheds some light:  Why am I so tired after a day of Zoom?



Our office staff is working remotely as recommended by our state and local officials.

Thank you for your patience as we and so many others find the best ways to do this.
The best way to contact us is through our email at colorado@kidpower.org



As of today Kidpower canceled all of our classes and trainings held in the community until March 30.

We will reassess and monitor as needed and will take our guidance both from public health entities and following the directives of our school partners.

The health and safety of our students and their families, staff, volunteers, and partners are of primary importance.



Hi, it’s Jan, Executive Director, Kidpower of Colorado,

Kidpower’s Chocoholic Frolic 2020 is moving forward with plans for plenty of yummy chocolate, fantastic jazz from the Colin Trusedell Trio, and our famous spectacular silent auction. Oh yes….The Pinery’s legendary salmon will be back!

Like you, Kidpower is closely monitoring the situation involving COVID-19, the Coronavirus. Kidpower is a personal safety organization and our top priority is always your health and safety! This is a fluid situation and we will absolutely adjust as needed. We are making contingency plans, strengthening our practices about illness prevention, and evaluating our events and services as needed.

We have taken the following steps:

  1. We are in ongoing contact with El Paso County Director of Public Health, Susan Wheelan, (a former Kidpower board member) to be as up to date as possible with their recommendations.
  2. We continue to monitor announcements and updates from Centers for Disease Control, Governor Jared Polis, Colorado Department of Health and Environment, El Paso County Public Health, and University of Colorado Health, and Kidpower will take our guidance from them and other key agencies. While the risk in our community is currently low, we will be prepared to change our plans if needed and will keep you posted
  3. We will institute the following policies and procedures at The Frolic:
    • We encourage people who are ill to stay home.
    • We are encouraging participants to make The Frolic a “handshake-free” gathering.
    • We will be providing hand sanitizer and recommending frequent hand washing.
    • Each guest will receive a pen when they arrive so that we aren’t sharing them.
    • The Pinery promises a thorough cleaning. All chocolatiers and food servers will wear latex gloves.
In Kidpower classes, we teach children (and adults) to “Stay safe in your imagination!” to help manage our worries when they feel overwhelming. Despite very real concerns, we encourage you to keep perspective and seek out accurate information rather than easily available rumors or misinformation. Worry does not make us safer but preparing ahead, staying calm, and adjusting plans when needed can.
Wishing you a happy and healthy spring!
Jan Isaacs Henry