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2019-2020 Annual Report

Dear Kidpower Friends & Supporters,

What a year it’s been for us all!

At Kidpower, we began a typical year happily providing in-person community and school-based workshops teaching kids and families how to stay safe and advocate for themselves and others.

Sara Sugerman, Board President

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Many in our communities transitioned to working and learning from home, unemployment soared, and adults were three times more likely to experience mental health concerns than in prior years. Additionally, we faced a cultural reckoning around racial injustice and discrimination amidst a divisive political and ideological environment.

At Kidpower, we worried about the safety of children. We knew what the data later confirmed: the pandemic created conditions for a rise in abuse and violence, and reduced children’s ability to get help from teachers, coaches, and other school and after-school personnel. We worried about mental health challenges for isolated young people, because depression, loneliness, and anxiety were already at unacceptable levels among our young people before the stress of the pandemic.

So we did what we do best: we moved into action to address our worries. We found inspiration and hope in our staff, board, volunteers, and supporters. We dug deep, and asked what we can do to give kids and families what they needed to empower them to take charge of their safety, their relationships, and their lives during this challenging time. Together, we were determined to protect young people; prevent abuse, bullying, and other harm; and empower kids and their caregivers to have healthier and happier lives.

To accomplish this during stay-at-home orders, Kidpower developed new ways to engage with children and parents. We launched our “Kidpower Safety Snippets” that offer core safety concepts in a short format to minimize “screen fatigue.” With more than 10,000 views in four months, this demonstrated that keeping kids safe is especially important to caregivers and teachers in these uncertain times. We also increased our focus on emotional safety skills in articles, and through social media.

Jan Isaacs Henry, Co-founder and Executive Director

After the success of the “snippets,” and in consultation with public health officials, we designed smaller, outdoor, safely-distanced, in-person classes. When this was no longer possible, we moved our longer format classes to multiple segments on a virtual platform. Through all of this, we learned we can offer high-quality, creative, fun, interactive training online. This allows Kidpower to greatly expand our reach: we can train kids who may have not previously participated due to geographical or other limitations. Most importantly, online programming ensures more children are getting the skills they need in a crucial time. 

We are tremendously grateful to all of you who have helped us, through your donations, volunteering, encouragement, feedback, and use of our resources.

We remain firmly committed to making our services available to kids and families in the best way possible, and we could not do it without your support.

Wishing you and your loved ones health and safety,

Sara Sugerman and Jan Isaacs Henry 

Kidpower by the Numbers

2,286 Individuals Trained

1,291 children and teens
1,011 Colorado Springs
280 Denver

995 adults and caregivers
785 Colorado Springs
210 Denver/Other 

More than 56,600 trained since beginning in 1994!

Who we served

  • 59 School/Agency programs
  • 12 Community-based programs
  • 2 Special needs/private programs
  • 12 Community Education Presentations
  • 54% Programs for low-income/at-risk populations

295 People were surveyed regarding the quality of our school programs and:

  • 100% agreed the workshop was very useful for their children
  • 100% agreed the workshop increased their children’s level of awareness and understanding about interpersonal safety
  • 99.6% agreed that their children have learned Kidpower skills that are applicable in real life situations
  • 99.3% agreed that they have learned new ways to talk to their children about interpersonal safety
  • 100% agreed that the instructors were knowledgeable about safety education
  • 100% agreed the instructors taught the workshop in a clear and enthusiastic manner
  • 100% would recommend Kidpower to other families

Finances at a Glance

Funding Sources

Fundraising Events                           21%       

Foundation & Corporate Grants     53%       

Donations                                            18%

Program Revenue                                8%         

How We Use Our Funds

Programs                             82%

Fundraising                          8%

Administration                   10%

Total Revenue:  $398,626

Kidpower Thanks Our Generous Supporters

We value every one of our generous donors. If your name has been accidentally omitted from this list, please call the office! We would like to acknowledge your generosity.


  • Anonymous
  • Anschutz Foundation
  • Colorado Springs Health Foundation
  • Transforming Safety Grant, Colorado State Department of Local Affairs, The Denver Foundation and Pikes Peak Community Foundation
  • Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement Fund


  • 100 Women Who Care
  • Mary and Frank Barry 
  • Ent Credit Union
  • Cheryl and Marvin McDaniel 
  • Linda Peiffer Moyes
  • The Nutrition Camp School Foundation, Inc.


  • Boeing Colorado Employees Community Fund
  • El Pomar Foundation
  • Barbara Fanning 
  • Great Relationships Education Center, Sara Sugerman
  • Jan and John Henry 
  • Heuser & Heuser, LLP
  • Nancy Saltzman and Gregory Roman 


  • Aaron Smith Plastic Surgery
  • Archdale Eyecare, PC
  • Mr. & Mrs. JM Bucknall
  • Rita and Bob Burns 
  • EM and FE Everett Charitable Trust, a fund of the Pikes Peak
             Community Foundation
  • FirstBank
  • James Gaynor 
  • Janet and David Howes 
  • Ivy Lewis 
  • Monument Hill Foundation
  • Neon Pig
  • Northwestern Mutual, Scott McKechnie
  • Kurt Ones 
  • Bobbi Polkinghorn and Rich Groot 
  • Prime Financial Strategies, Inc.
  • Relax the Back
  • Salcetti & Associates
  • The Eastern Colorado Bank
  • The Faricy Boys Chrysler Jeep
  • Karin and George Wayne 
  • Charlie Weeks 
  • Betty Wolfe 


  • Peggy Andrews 
  • Beverly and Don Bunce 
  • Debra Campeau 
  • Kristi and Dean Couture 
  • Holly DeVore and Chad Glang 
  • Monica L. Dobbin DDS
  • Drive Right Academy
  • Judy and Patrick Gigliotti 
  • Gold Hill Mesa
  • Melissa Hammock 
  • Suzanne Holland 
  • Stephen Hopkins 
  • Vicki and Paul Isenstadt 
  • Char Iuppa 
  • Drew and Megan Jeltes 
  • JPS Engineering
  • Dr. Bruce and Patricia Kautz 
  • Kari and Chris Kilroy 
  • King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards
  • Claudia Busch Lee 
  • Carla Lemmon and Shawn Hayes 
  • O’Brien’s Carpet One Floor & Home
  • Chris and Jim Park 
  • Melissa Parkowski-Helmer and Todd Helmer 
  • Tracey Porter and Marcy Langlois 
  • Shugrue & Jackson CPAs, P.C.
  • Springs Rehabilitation, PC
  • St. Gabriel Catholic Church
  • Wynde and Jim Stinson 
  • Strategic Financial Partners
  • SunWater Spa
  • The Family Center
  • Thompson Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Amy Ward 
  • Mary Webber and Gerald Grammens 
  • Rita and Bob Wiley 


  • Nancy Andrews
  • Karen Bishop 
  • Vennita Browning 
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Colorado Springs Pediatric Dentistry
  • Christy and Scott Crase 
  • Joanne and Stratton Davies 
  • Donley Law, P.C.
  • Roger Dubrock 
  • Maggie Echols 
  • Linda Ellegard 
  • Erickson, Brown & Kloster, PC
  • Bruce Eskew, CPA
  • Jean and Merlyn Forsyth 
  • Nicole and Matt Forsyth 
  • Merilee Forsyth 
  • Mary Friedrichs 
  • Groninger Concrete & Landscaping
  • Jennifer and Ken Harlan 
  • Kelly and Bill Kissell 
  • Robert LaMont 
  • Marjorie Mara 
  • Mary McClatchey 
  • Jamie and Timothy McFadden 
  • Pat Murphy 
  • Clif and Glynese Northam 
  • Debbie and Robert Pearson 
  • Peregrine Family Dentistry
  • Pine Top Orthodontics, PC
  • Poremba Orthodontics
  • RYA Play Therapy and Consultation
  • Debbie Sagen 
  • Tracy and Robert Schneider 
  • Joan and Jim Shields 
  • Simply Kids Dental
  • Heather Spragins 
  • Touchstone Internal Medicine


  • Deborah Adams and Charles Campbell 
  • Dawn Andreatta 
  • Elaine Andrews 
  • Linda Balas 
  • Rebecca Baldwin, PhD
  • Deane Berson 
  • Lynette and Renzo Bianchi 
  • Robert Blair 
  • Abby Bleistein 
  • Larry and Barbara Borland 
  • Marcia Braden 
  • Lynne and Philip Brown 
  • Diane Buscarello 
  • Janet and Norm Buss 
  • Lynn and John Cameron 
  • Belinda and Lee Corrie 
  • Ashleigh and Jeff Curry 
  • Mark Dempsey 
  • Nancy and David DiCocco 
  • Tom Diehm and Tom Davis 
  • Dave Dilley 
  • Nancy Eisenschiml and Mike Taterka 
  • Polly Fiedler 
  • Anita and Stephen Friedman 
  • Susan Gates 
  • Janet Gould 
  • Heather and Kevin Guerrero 
  • Angela and James Hamilton 
  • Melinda and Kent Hardage 
  • JoAnn Hauck 
  • Maryjane and Jared Hayes 
  • Teal Heath 
  • Meredith Henry and Chris Knoepke 
  • Rhonda and Shane Heschel 
  • Susan Hodson 
  • Carol Johnson 
  • Beth Kirk-Small 
  • Robin and Jeff Knoepke 
  • Angela Kosler 
  • Laurin McCrary 
  • Tracy McGurran 
  • Becky and Jon Medved 
  • Barbara Midyett 
  • Kara Myers 
  • Lee and Terry Oesterle 
  • Melanie Oliver 
  • Sharon and Jerry Orsund 
  • Kelly and Joshua Parry 
  • Katie Philipson 
  • Joan Protz 
  • Laura Reich 
  • Michelle Ridnour 
  • Lynn and Lenard Rioth 
  • Lisa Robinson 
  • Adrienne and Anthony Roman 
  • Carin and Rex Rowan 
  • Gillian and Richard Russell 
  • Linda Schafer 
  • Chrissy Steigerwald 
  • Laura Steinbach 
  • Carol and Bill Tomeo 
  • Suzanne and Lee Vaughn 
  • Karen Wichelmann 
  • Theresa and Randy Wolf 
  • Julie Wolfe 
  • Natalie and Matt Yungner 


  • Derry Adams 
  • Marlee Ahmad 
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Gina Apruzzese 
  • Kristen Apruzzese 
  • Linda Armstead 
  • Emily Bowker 
  • Amanda Bristol 
  • Eunice Brownlee 
  • Sherry and Glenn Butcher 
  • Mary Campbell 
  • Barbara and Alan Coleman 
  • Pam Cutcliff 
  • Alison and Bob Cutter 
  • Pamela DeCarlo 
  • Nicole DeJarnatt 
  • Brenda Elliott 
  • Sandra Felt 
  • Maegen Fisher 
  • Rene Frost 
  • Janie Ganstine 
  • Pamela Gehling 
  • Douglas Gertner 
  • Sara Goroski 
  • Tom Graham 
  • Suzanne Graham 
  • Alan Happel 
  • Anne Hegler 
  • Ian Henry 
  • Tracye and Scott Hirasawa 
  • Michele Hodges 
  • Sarah and Jon Hollaway 
  • Cindy Ilgen 
  • Robin Izer 
  • Laura James 
  • Krista Johnson 
  • Susan Johnson and Ted Grubb 
  • Cary Jones 
  • Ann Junk 
  • Sara Kennedy and Lonnie Burkholder 
  • Sharon and Joe Kissell 
  • Ruth Knox 
  • Kathy Koppers 
  • Mindy Kopser 
  • Heather Krammes 
  • Noreen Landis-Tyson 
  • Anne Ludwig 
  • Jean Lux 
  • Melissa Marcotte 
  • Kirsten Martin 
  • Brandon Mattie 
  • Ryan Mattie 
  • Diana May 
  • Ann and Robert McDonald 
  • Lynn Mendenhall 
  • Renee and David Moorefield 
  • Ellen and Dave Nelson 
  • Rebecca Odom 
  • David Petersen 
  • Kristina Post 
  • Katie Reinisch 
  • Melissa Rogers 
  • Ingrid Rogers 
  • Simone and Michael Rogers 
  • Serene Dental Hygiene
  • Teresa and John Simons 
  • Judith Smith 
  • Lynne Stefonik 
  • Deanna Stonick 
  • Gloria Thuon 
  • Frances Tirman 
  • Karen Wiens 
  • Vicki and Bob Wolfson 
  • Thomas Yaudes 

Adam & Seth Herzog Fund

  • Robert Blair
  • Barbara and Alan Coleman
  • Dave Dilley
  • Janie Ganstine
  • Ann Junk
  • Adrienne and Anthony Roman
  • Nancy Saltzman and Gregory Roman
  • Charlie Weeks

RJR Fund for Kidpower

  • Carol Johnson
  • Laura Steinbach


  • Gary & Carolyn Anderson
  •                 By: Angela Kosler
  • Mary Barry
  •                 By: Joan Protz
                          Peggy Andrews
                          Elaine Andrews
    Geoffrey, Mark Jr., & Paul Browning
  •                 By: Vennita Browning
  • Adrienne Elmore
  •                 By: Maegan Fisher
  • Jan I Henry
  •                 By: Sara Kennedy and Lonnie Burkholder
  • Jan & John Henry            
  •                 By: Joanne and Stratton Davies
  • The Kidpower Staff
  •                 By: Debra Campeau
  • Julian Henry Knoepke
  •                 By: Robin and Jeff Knoepke
  • Dr. Nancy Saltzman
  •                 By: Barbara and Alan Coleman
                           Ann Junk
                           Adrienne and Anthony Roman
  • Sara Sugerman
  •                 By: Ivy Lewis
  • Amy Ward
  •                 By: Dawn Andreatta


  • Adam & Seth Herzog
  •                 By: Robert Blair
  •                       Janie Ganstine
  •                       Nancy Saltzman and Gregory Roman
  • Frank Hopkins
  •                 By: Stephen Hopkins
  • Betty J. Cohen
  •                 By: Barbara Midyett
  • Jan DeBoer
  •                 By: Marlee Ahmad
  •                       Diane Buscarello
  •                       Janet and Norm Buss
  •                       Debra Campeau
  •                       Janet Gould
  •                       Heather & Kevin Guerrero
  •                       Angela and James Hamilton
  •                       Jan and John Henry
  •                       Michele Hodges
  •                       Vicki and Paul Isenstadt
  •                       Barbara Midyett
  •                       Sharon and Jerry Orsund
  •                       Nancy Saltzman and Gregory Roman
  •                       Carol & Bill Tomeo
  •                       Mary Webber and Gerald Grammens
  •                       Karen Wichelmann
  •                       Karen Wiens
  • Patricia Flannery
                    By: Robert Blair
  • Tyler Forsyth
  •                 By: Anonymous
  •                        Pam Cutcliff
  • Rebecca Howard
  •                 By: Marjorie Mara
  • Myrna Jones
  •                 By: Cary Jones
  • Carol Kurtz
  •                 By: Lynn Mendenhall
  • Linda Saltzman
  •                 By: Charlie Weeks
  • Margaret Wright
  •                 By: Vennita Browning

If your name has been accidentally omitted from this list, please call the office!
We would like to acknowledge your generosity.