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Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Annual Report – 2016

Download a PDF Version of the 2016 Annual Report

Kidpower Thanks Our Generous Supporters

We value every one of our generous donors. If your name has been accidentally omitted from this list, please call the office! We would like to acknowledge your generosity.


Anschutz Foundation
Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation
Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement Fund

$5,000 – $9,999

Mary and Frank Barry
Boeing Colorado Employees Community Fund
Ent Credit Union
Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation
Kenneth King Foundation
Larry H. Miller Charities
Linda Peiffer Moyes
Nancy Saltzman and Gregory Roman

$2,500 – $4,999

Chapel Hills Mall*
El Pomar Foundation
EM and FE Everett Charitable Trust, a fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Barbara Fanning
The Gazette*
Jan and John Henry
Heuser & Heuser, LLP
Robert D. Johnson, CPA, P.C.
Kaiser Permanente
Cheryl and Marvin McDaniel
Reardon Partners/The Platinum Group Realtors
Salcetti & Associates

$1,000 – $2,499

Mr. & Mrs. JM Bucknall
Rita and Bob Burns
Cedar Springs Hospital
Centennial Reproduction Center*
Colorado Springs Professional Fire Fighters
Colorado Tour Line, LLC
Holly DeVore and Chad Glang
The Eastern Colorado Bank
El Paso County Bar Foundation
The Faricy Boys Chrysler Jeep
Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office

Iron Horse Pediatrics
The Marson Foundation
McNulty Jewelers*
Bobbi Polkinghorn and Rich Groot
Relax the Back
Barbara Sherwood and Chuck Latibeaudiere
USA Swimming
The Vanguard School*
Vectra Bank
Susan Woessner and Ryan Mooney

$500 – $999

Tanya Apuron, LMT
Connie Brachtenbach and Victoria Gregor
Bridgepoint Education
Ralph Brown
Dilys and Bill Brundage
Janet and Norm Buss
Colorado Springs Kiwanis Foundation
CORE Commercial Brokerage Co.
Christy and Scott Crase
Donley Law, P.C.
Drive Right Academy
El Paso County Public Health
Amy Folsom and Russell Adkins
Great Relationship Education Center, Sara Sugerman
Theresa Guthrie
Melinda and Kent Hardage
HomeRun Electronics*
Stephen Hopkins
Joyce and Roger Isaacs
Vicki and Paul Isenstadt
Sandi Johnson
Johnson Kush, P.C.
Kelly and Bill Kissell

Lydiatt and Duru Family Dentistry
Ann-Marie Manning and Monica Marchant
Jamie and Timothy McFadden
Kathleen and Mike Moore
Cmdr. Clif and Glynese Northam
Penrose-St. Francis Health Services
Sue and Ed Poremba
Tracey Porter and Marcy Langlois
Kate and Dennis Raphael
Regina’s Unique Boutique
Rhino’s Sports & Spirits
Robert Saltzman
Raphael Sassower
Mary Seelig
Simply Kids Dental
Springs Rehabilitation, PC
St. Gabriel Catholic Church
Wynde and Jim Stinson
Angela Stout
Charlie Weeks
Susan and Kyle Wheelan
Rita and Bob Wiley

$250 – $499

Deborah Adams and Charles Campbell
Altitude Performance Swim
Peggy Andrews
Sue and Vic Andrews
Rebecca Baldwin, PHD
Kaitlin Barton
Bradshaw & Associates, PLLC
Linda D. Buckley, CPA
Bussey Law Firm, P.C.
The Law Offices of Lauren C. Bynum, PC
Coaltrain Wine & Liquor
Kristi and Dean Couture
Crystal Park Cantina
Joanne and Stratton Davies
DeBoer Counseling Services
Monica Dobbin, DDS
Linda Ellegard
Erickson, Brown & Kloster, PC
Dale Falini, LLC Life Coach
Jeanine and Chris Fark
Front Range Honda
Alison and Mike Gerbig
Judy and Patrick Gigliotti
Donald Goede
Groninger Construction, Inc.
H & D, Inc.

Sophie and Gordon Hamilton
Law Offices of Wendy Hammack-Smith
Kathi Braden
Interior Design
Patricia and Bruce Kautz
Kari and Chris Kilroy
Debi and Bill Klaers
Carla Lemmon and
Shawn Hayes
The Melting Pot
Pat Murphy
The NeuroConnection, Inc.
Newsome & Associates
O’Brien’s Carpet One Floor & Home
Sharon and Jerry Orsund
Chris Park
Melissa Parkowski-Helmer and Todd Helmer
Martina and Prince Porter
Rainsberger Wealth Advisors
Nicole Rivet and Al Ferguson
Terry and Ted Schwartz
Snowshoe Studios*
Dr. Stephen G Seiler, DDS
Michele Strub-Heer and Jordan Strub
Serena and Russ Vogel
Regina Walter
Westpac Restoration
Robert J. Wilcox, CPA, P.C.
The William Storms Allergy Clinic
Georgie and Dwight Woessner

In-kind donors*

$100 – $249

Vicki and Harry Anderson
Elaine Andrews
Nancy Andrews
Patricia Armstrong
Linda Balas
Lynette and Renzo Bianchi
Hon. Peter Booth
Marcia Braden
Lynne and Philip Brown
Beverly and Don Bunce
Sherry and Glenn Butcher
Reatha Butler
Lynn and John Cameron
Mary Campbell
Debra Campeau
Barbara and Alan Coleman
Belinda and Lee Corrie
Alison and Bob Cutter
Dakota Seal, LLC
Mark Dempsey
Nancy and David DiCocco
Tom Diehm and Tom Davis
Dave Dilley
Luise Eichenbaum
Nancy Eisenschiml and Mike Taterka
Wesley Fiedler
Anita and Stephen Friedman
Janet Gould
JoAnn Hauck
Hermione Foundation
Michele Hodges
Janet Howes
Jeff Isenstadt
Peggy Ives
James Jacobs
Mary Johnson
Alison Jones

Gloria Kulzer and Cami Benge
Gloria Latimer
Basil Littin
Jennie Loehding
Gail and Jim Lopes
Suzanne Marchant
Barbara Marder
Tracy McGurran
Becky and Jon Medved
Barbara Midyett
Paula Miller and Barb Bailey
Melanie Oliver
Olson Plumbing & Heating Co.
Debbie and Robert Pearson
David Petersen
Kerry Phillips
Laura Reich
Lynn and Lenard Rioth
Inez and Ron Robinson
Adrienne and Anthony Roman
Carin and Rex Rowan
Gillian and Richard Russell
Jeanne Salcetti
Stars National Gymnastics Village
Edith Sucher
Gloria Thuon
Irene van der Zande
Linda Wagner
Jauna Werner

$1 – $99

Lynn Ahmad
Charllotte Amant and Robert Todd
Margaret Arms
Linda Armstead
Rose and Gerald Arnhold
Megan Barry
Colleen and Brad Barton
Chris Beaudin
Shawne Beavers
John Bentley and Rich Wojdula
Barb Berntsen and Kimberly Canatsey
Nila and Greg Beum
Larry and Barbara Borland
Charlotte Brummer
Michelle and Roger Caldwell
Maurie Campbell
Kathy Colman
Pam Cutcliff
Elizabeth Cutter
Shelley and Ronald Davidson
Tracy and Jim DeGree
Danielle Duggins
Sandra Felt
Maegen Fisher
Jean and Merlyn Forsyth
Che Freeman
Mary Friedrichs
Rene Frost
Wanda Gentile
Stephen Getty
Lorraine Goldstein
Tom Graham
Angela and James Hamilton
Mary Hanson
Rhonda and Shane Heschel
Elizabeth Hoover
Janet Howland
Karen and Ernie Hudson
Sarah Hunter and Bryan Ackerman
Robin Izer
Susan Johnson and Ted Grubb
Cary Jones
Terry Judd and Jo-Ann Amadeo
Ann Junk
Laura Kadlecek

Donna and Tom Keenan
Sara Kennedy and Lonnie Burkholder
Sharon Kissell
Sam Knoepke
Mindy Kopser
Heather Krammes
Cassie and Michael Lawless
Kim and Joe Lee
Mary Ann and Harry Lemmon
Beth Lieberman
Philip Lightstone
Laura Lo-Birch
Ann Mabry
Diana May
Dana Medoro
Lisa and Rick Mendelsberg
Lynn Mendenhall
Kathleen Orr
Becky and Michael Parrinella
Maribeth Peiniger
Judith Penney
Simone Perez
Amy and Brian Pieri
Marie Plummer
Gabrielle Renwick
Sally Rothstein
Debbie Sagen
Rosemary Shaw
Donna Sheldon and Gary Nicholson
Beverly Simpson
Judith Smith
Cherie Stadjuhar
Laura Steinbach
Rachel and Keith Stovall
Janet and Andy Van Kampen
Karyl and David Vasquez
Suzanne and Lee Vaughn
Tami Veed
Gloria Vice
Staci and William Webb
Mary Webber and Gerald Grammens
Vanessa White
Karen Wichelmann
Vicki and Bob Wolfson
Maile Gray and Spencer Wren
Thomas Yaudes
Natalie and Matt Yungner
Mary and Alden Yungner
Marilyn Zirn


Adam & Seth Herzog Fund

Vicki and Harry Anderson
Barbara and Alan Coleman
Dave Dilley
Ann Junk
Laura Kadlecek
Gail and Jim Lopes
Adrienne and
Anthony Roman
Nancy Saltzman and Gregory Roman
Robert Saltzman
Donna Sheldon and Gary Nicholson
Charlie Weeks

RJR Fund for Kidpower

Rose and Gerald Arnhold
Chris Beaudin
Connie Brachtenbach and Victoria Gregor
Elizabeth Cutter
Shelley and Ronald Davidson
Che Freeman
Alison and Mike Gerbig
Stephen Getty
Mary Hanson
Jan and John Henry
Gloria Kulzer and
Cami Benge
Gloria Latimer
Philip Lightstone
Ann-Marie Manning and Monica Marchant
Sally Rothstein
Laura Steinbach
Edith Sucher
Karyl and David Vasquez
Gloria Vice
Linda Wagner

In-Kind Donors


Jan Isaacs Henry’s leadership and commitment to Kidpower

By: Jeff Isenstadt                            

Keandre, Nevaeh and Hailey Stovall

By: Rachel and Keith Stovall                       

Mary Stocco

By: Janet Gould                               

Kennedy and Raegan Hamilton

By: Angela and Jim Hamilton

Sandra Menefee

By: Terry Judd and Jo-Ann Amadeo                        

Leslie Wilkins & Denise O’Bleness

By: Cassie and Michael Lawless                

Mary Seelig’s 90th Birthday

By: Joyce and Roger Isaacs                         

Roger Isaacs’ birthday and the Isaacs’ Anniversary

By: Mary Seelig

Owen Brown

By: Rosemary Shaw                       

Nancy Saltzman

By: Donna Sheldon and Gary Nicholson
Charlie Weeks
Greg Roman
Barbara and Alan Coleman
Ann Junk
Robert Saltzman
Laura Kadlecek

Christy Crase

By: Barbara Sherwood and Chuck Latibeaudiere                              

Owen Shaw

By: Rosemary Shaw                       

Rita Wiley

By: Melinda and Kent Hardage                 

The Frank Hopkins Family

By: Stephen Hopkins                      



Betty Henry

By: Basil Littin
Sue and Vic Andrews
Tami Veed
Bob Johnson
Peggy Ives
Sharon and Jerry Orsund
Joyce and Roger Isaacs
Patricia Armstrong
Lorraine Goldstein
Janet Howland
Rita and Bob Burns
Beverly Simpson
Gillian and Richard Russell
Carla Lemmon and Shawn Hayes
Charlotte Brummer                        

Betty Henry and in honor of her amazing Family

By: Irene and Ed van der Zande                

Audra Brown

By: Ralph Brown                              

Aurelie Versini

By: Michelle Hodges                       

Gerald W. McCann

By: Mary Campbell                         

Henry Barton

By: Colleen and Brad Barton                    

Joey Ellegrd and Bill Lawrence

By: Linda Ellegard  

Brian Yaudes

By: Thomas Yaudes        

Myrna Jones

By: Cary Jones                  

Velton Funk

By: Mary Campbell                         

Carol Kurtz

By: Lynn Mendenhall                     

Deborah Manning

By: Ann-Marie Manning                              

Ruth Wolfe

By: Beth Lieberman                        

Dr. Linda Saltzman

By: Charlie Weeks           

Rhianna VanTeylingen

By: Lolly VanTeylingen and Michael Offutt